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Our Response to COVID-19

News / Our Response to COVID-19

Hutton & Northey Sales wish to assure all of our Customers that we are committed to continuing to provide the highest possible levels of service and support throughout these uncertain times, but recognise that some significant changes in our operational activities are necessary.

We take our responsibilities to our staff, contractors, customers and the broader community extremely seriously and in response to the global crisis resulting from the outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 the Management team have, after careful consultation and deliberation, established practices and protocols for the workplace and for dealing with you, our valued Customers, in an effort to mitigate the risks presented by this virus.

This is an on-going process and we will closely monitor all relevant information from sources such as the Australia Department of Health and the World Health Organisation to continually enhance and modify these protocols as circumstances change and/or further advice becomes available. We will advise further should more aggressive measures be deemed necessary in the future.

We fully understand that some measures may result in a diminished Customer experience and we apologise in advance should this occur; however, we consider that our social responsibility significantly outweighs any short-term inconvenience.

Set out below are the measures explained to our Employees which deal specifically with their dealings with our Customers and other visitors but we would be happy to share the full extent of the directives that have been put in place to ease any fear or uncertainty in your dealings with us.

Business Hours

As part of our commitment to our Customers we will not be changing our normal hours of business and, being cognisant of the additional pressures of peak seasons we continue to consider and formulate contingency plans that will allow us to maintain the same level of extended availability as in previous years.

Supply Chains

We will make every effort to acquire and maintain adequate stocks of parts and consumables to ensure your continued operations but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the reliability of our supply chains. We will of course use our extensive industry knowledge to source your requirements.

Our Employees

Our Employees have been advised that, to the fullest extent possible, when dealing with Customers to:
1. Maintain a minimum acceptable distance of 1.5 metres.
2. Avoid handshakes or other personal contact, we trust that no offence will be taken by Employees declining to shake hands.
3. Refrain from client visitations and conduct business by telephone or other digital means unless such contact is unavoidable, in which case strict adherence to all safety protocols will apply.

Our Branches

At present our branches remain open for business as usual but we request all Customers to transact as far as
possible with us by phone or email. In the case of parts we will gladly pick, pack and place your orders at a
convenient location for collection.

If it becomes absolutely necessary to visit one of our branches we request that you abide by the following

1. Maintain a minimum distance of 1.5m from any other person within the branch.
2. Observe the movement restrictions that we have or may have in place.

Field Staff

Our Field staff have been issued directives to protect themselves and our Customers from the threat of
transmission whilst endeavouring to maintain the highest possible level of service, we request that you assist
where possible in allowing our staff to follow these protocols by:

1. Distancing yourselves from any unit being attended unless your presence is necessary to effect repairs.
2. Disclosing any information that may be pertinent to our staff, such as at risk individuals who may have
been in contact with the machinery.

Our staff have been instructed to use all means to ensure their safety whilst working on your machinery, including
the use of disposable gloves and the safe treatment of surfaces where necessary.
Although we believe that the measures taken will protect all concerned to the fullest extent possible, we fully
support our Employees rights to refuse to engage in any activity they consider posing an unacceptable risk.

Your Responsibilities

Whilst we, as a business, can implement the most stringent measures to protect our Employees and all those that
we engage with, we also rely on those contacts, Customers, Contractors, Visitor and the like to assist us in making
the best possible decisions. Regardless of whether a request is made or not we respectfully request that when
seeking personal engagement with our staff you disclose if you or anyone else in contact with you or your

1. has travelled to an affected area since the beginning of 2020.
2. has suffered from any flu like symptoms since the virus was detected.
3. has been in contact with a person who is known or suspected to have been infected.

These are indeed troubled times but we are here to support you and our community every step of the way, please
work with us to ensure that we can continue to service you.